The Idiocity of the Masses (or why are Yahoo! Answers so stupid?)

This one really struck a chord.  If there is one thing I cannot stand it is internet pollution... you know, all those sites that were written by random people who know nothing or next-to-nothing about their topic all writing articles to hopefully make $0.05 if someone clicks on their link to Amazon.com or wherever.  I absolutely hate it!!  Search Engine Optimization drives me crazy.  I like it in theory, because in THEORY it means that the quality information should come to the top of your search, and maybe most of the time it does... but then there are all those other times when you google something and get page after page of USELESS filler text designed to get you to click on an ad.  ARGH!  (I think you all get the point... I really don't like this.  If you write these articles for the web, well, at least now I don't have to explain to you why I think that your job is bordering on unethical in an intellectual way.)

So that brings us to today's article which had me in stitches!!  "Like bubbles rising to the top of the septic tank..."  I LOVE THIS ARTICLE!!

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  1. Hey, I remember the days when Oprah Winfrey used to get her guests to talk about their problematic life situations, and then she'd ask her audience for their feedback. And let me tell you, sometimes those audience members didn't know their ass from a hole in the ground, but they sure enjoyed telling the guests what they should do. It was so irritating. Thankfully Oprah figured out that her audience was there to be inspired, I guess, and not TO inspire, so she stopped that foolish practice.

    Those Pay-per-click article sites are ripping off writers who don't know better, though granted that a few cents is all some of those articles are worth. But I didn't think anyone actually read them!