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Letter #2: Yellow Pages, Losing Memory, and Doing Your Own Thing

On Monday we were greeted to another few letters from Christina.  Three actually, bringing our total to 5.  Completely out of order!  First January 3rd arrived and then next January 1st.  After that?  January 2nd... it is really the strangest thing!

It would be nice if they arrived one at a time, a little note for each day, rather than in big bundles of two or three letters at once.  But I can't complain, it has been so lovely to get real mail!  Even better is actually feeling like I know what's happening in Christina's life.  It is so hectic around here with me starting back at work and little boys to take care of that even picking up the phone can wait weeks before it finally happens.

You may be wondering if I got these on Monday why you had to wait until Wednesday to read them.  Well, ironically enough, the computer they have been scanned on is having some major problems CONNECTING TO THE INTERNET!!  Agh, so funny, yet so annoying all at once.  I think we have everything sorted now.  Oh, and did I mention I am now a working mama??  Which means by the end of the day I really want to go to bed, but in fact I have marking and planning to do.  So when you add that to the need to fix an internet problem it leads to a two day wait time.  Sorry to all the Luddite fans out there!

Still no snow on January 2nd, but now on January 18th we have plenty! 

Electromagnetic Radiation... Something to Fear?