Letter #11: Follow the way of peace

Christina, I would love to write you a letter back right now and run off to a mailbox and send it off to Toronto... but I know now that it would take approximately 10.5 days to get there (not including weekends) and by the time it gets there it will be, well, old??  Hmm... maybe this is the point of sharing letters for a month.  To realize that feelings and thoughts are still valid even if there is space and time between them being shared.  Even if by the time you get my letter and read it I feel completley different.  I too have been feeling anxious about life and wish we could sit face to face (not on facebook) and drink a non-virtual coffee and talk about how to balance it all and maybe, more importantly, how not to balance it all.  Thank you for the reminder to follow the way of peace - an encouragement in the midst of a hectic time!

You like to share, right? RIGHT??

Hello Web 2.0!

Letter #9: Monday's Mail!