Letters #5 & 8: Gracing my Fridge Today

On Wednesday the CanadaPost delivery guy stuck #5 through our mail slot.  Yesterday it was #6 and I had great plans to post them both last night but instead stayed up until midnight marking Science 9 tests on reproduction.  Since it started snowing I don't even have to open my door to get the mail, it just lands haphazardly in a pile on the ground.  This isn't always a good thing as it can be mistaken for a pile of junkmail quite easily... mostly because I usually have piles of junkmail right there by the mail slot.  What a coincidence.

I laughed at these terrible stories, only because they are such great windows into the life of a mom with a young toddler and a baby!  I remember these days all too well and it is always amazing to me what a change there can be from a just two year old to an almost three year old.  Seriously.  How did I survive having a newborn and a 22 month old??  How did I not lock them BOTH out of the house?

Today #9, and #10 arrived but I have not even opened their lovely envelopes.  I think I'll wait until both boys are sleeping and I can actually take a moment to enjoy the ink on the paper.  Until tomorrow, happy reading!

Letters #6 & 7: Google-Stalking