Letter #26 - Feeling Small

 We are nearing the end of the letters though oddly the end of the month has come and gone.  Christina has returned to her online life and I am still reading her thoughts as they come to my mailbox in little mismatched groups.  Sometimes it is hard to piece it all together, when #26 arrives before #23.  It is not hard to see why Christina worries about this blog... about her carefully crafted thoughts being conveyed to the digital world.  She has lost control and is now relying on a postal system that loses $36 overnight packages (and won't refund you until it arrives at the destination) and takes 17 days (or as little as 3 or 4) to send a tiny piece of paper wrapped in an envelope from Toronto to Vancouver.  Here is a glimpse into her thoughts on feeling small outside of her well-constructed online world.