Letter #25 - Slow

Today was a lazy sick Monday.  I almost didn't check the mail, but eventually I just had to get out into the gorgeous sunshine and go somewhere.  Two letters greeted my in my mailbox - #25 & #26.  I must admit I was surprised to receive two letters in order - what a novelty!  Between napping and tea-drinking I read these letters.  This one resonated with me on this particular day where I felt I had done nothing, wasted my holiday, all because of some virus.  I was annoyed and had wanted to bring the kids on a great adventure, study for a few hours, clean and make a nice dinner.  Instead I cuddled two little boys, read stories, and napped with them.  It was a slow day.  Thank you for reminding me that slow has a place in our hectic world.

Letter #21 - Time as Sacred

plus... Christina tucked in a polaroid of me painting at her 30th birthday party