Letter #4 - Lost and Returned! (and the passing of a dear family friend)


Included in this letter was a write-up on a very influencial man in Vancouver, Milton Wong, who had recently passed away.  Here is the clipping of the article, with apologies for how it is divided - newspapers are not easily scanned - they are so big!

Even though I did not know Milton Wong, I felt a pang of sadness that it took me a whole month to hear of his passing.  I couldn't help but imagine a time not too long ago when loved ones would go overseas, or even just to another part of the country, and news of an illness or death might not reach you until it was too late, certainly not in time to book a last minute flight to visit in the hospital or attend a funeral.  In moments like this I am thankful for technology. 

If you had a difficult time reading the article click here.